You can’t beat Claire’s Pantry

Everything on the lengthy menu is available all day long
By John Pierre | Apr 18, 2013

Talk about family owned!  Claire's Pantry is one that has been around for 44 years and always family owned and operated.

Claire Petosa began this family venture with the opening of her first restaurant in the early '60s in North City.  Then on to 185th and Aurora with the first Claire's Pantry in 1968.  Not long after (April 1979 to be exact) Claire took over the previously renowned restaurant and nightspot known as the Fog Cutter in downtown Edmonds on the corner of 3rd and Main Street.

There were many Claire's Pantrys over the years, with each location (such as Lake City and Mill Creek) having been operated brilliantly and subsequently sold to others looking forward to enjoying the successful reputation with the result that the only remaining Claire's Pantry is in Edmonds.  I think I'm not incorrect in saying Claire's Pantry is the best known and, arguably, the most popular restaurant in Edmonds excepting the higher priced locations on the waterfront.

Family owned and run?  You betcha. Claire's son was involved in the restaurant and, then, her granddaughter, Gina, who remains in charge of the Edmonds eatery with local day-to-day operations headed by Claire's great-granddaughter Alexis.

Sadly, Edmonds lost Claire in 2006 but her legacy remains in the family owned and operated business.  The restaurant specializes in home made delicacies such as a variety of tongue teasing pies, salad dressings, and sauces... all family recipes, prepared in the restaurant and always fresh daily and each is a true dining experience.

Interestingly, everything on the lengthy menu is available all day long.  You like pancakes at 8 p.m?  Ham and eggs?  Yup ... they are available at the same price as they were at 7 a.m.

A variety of sandwiches both hot and cold, hamburgers, potato salad, steaks, prime rib, spaghetti and meat balls and other homey items are prepared to suit each diner.

And a specialty?  A large selection of pies baked daily by their master baker.  You haven't tried one of their pies?  You're missing a very special taste treat.

You are encouraged to take a slice or a whole pie home for your later enjoyment.

No reservations are necessary (unless you are planning for a large group), just come on in, sit right down and enjoy the atmosphere of the place where the neat meet to eat.

Family owned and operated?  Yes... and it's a family place to go.

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