Wishing all a Merry – traditional – Christmas

By John Pierre | Dec 18, 2013

What ever happened to Santa Claus?  He was alive and well when I was a young scudder.  In times gone by, throughout the world, youngsters tried to stay awake until the wee hours to hear the telltale click, click, click on the roof as Santa arrived in his sleigh with his eight tiny reindeer in harness.  Correction, there were finally nine when Rudolph was drafted to light the way.

In modern times, young boys and girls at age 3 (or maybe 4) are more involved with their iPads or iPhones or whatever newest device is currently being pushed by the manufacturers.  It would seem that the age of innocence has been lost to many in the shuffle.

At this point I would tell the story of a certain Great Grandma who was taught how to use one of these devices by her 3-year-old Great Granddaughter, but I won't for fear of embarrassing my wife.

Many of the so-called games kids are playing have to do with gruesome acts labeled as entertainment.  What a shame.

Would that we could step back in time for special occasions before the electronic age took over and once again make sure that milk and cookies were placed near the fireplace for Santa's much anticipated arrival.

Fortunately, many department stores still have a Santa perched on his throne to hear the wants and desires of kids who waited in line to sit on his lap.  Some things never go away, and that is encouraging.

Yes, Virginia, there still is a Santa Claus who sports a round belly due to all the milk and cookies he has been tempted with as he makes his rounds to all the little kiddies of the world.

Politically correct or not, I would wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

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