‘Wish’ turns into lasting legacy at Scriber Lake

Apr 26, 2017
Photo by: Brian Soergel Pictured in the front of Scriber Lake’s new art installation are, from left, Julie Perrine, paraeducator Calvin Frey and Mike O’Day. Perrine and O’Day are members of Sculptor’s Workshop of Edmonds.

Scriber Lake High School in Edmonds on Monday, April 17, unveiled a volunteer gift of visual art to help kick off National Public School Volunteer Week.

The brainchild of staff member Calvin Frey, the dream mural became reality when volunteer and Edmonds artist Julie Perrine heard Calvin “wishing out loud” to art teachers Liza Behrendt and Carla Rosebrook.

Julie marshaled a myriad of community art patrons, volunteers and friends, some from as far away as Nashville, to find funding and provide hands-on help to complete the project. Edmonds artist Mike O’Day worked side-by-side with Julie Perrine and the students, offering his workshop to frame and finish the 300-pound-plus work of art.

O’Day delivered the completed project to Scriber, where it was hung over spring break by school district maintenance engineers.

The artwork being unveiled has deep roots in Scriber tradition. SLHS students, rather than being assigned to grade-level homerooms for a year, are accepted into “families” upon entry, where they stay with the same teacher and mixed-grade students for all the years they attend.

Those cohorts provide the foundation for SLHS relationship based philosophy of teaching and learning. The 3-foot-by-5-foot “tree” boasts 12 branches representing each of the Scriber families. Community volunteers worked with SLHS art teachers, students and staff to design, create and mount the mural.

The Family Tree will replace an older tradition of recognizing Scriber students who achieved at a high level as “star students.” Students would receive small tokens and recognition at quarterly assemblies, and their achievements were celebrated by personalized stars on a bulletin board.

The tile mural replaces the bulletin board with more lasting and meaningful recognition. Students will now add personalized leaves to “their” branch of The SLHS Family Tree of Achievement, further honoring the lasting relationships the school builds and nurtures.

SLHS is a small high school in the Edmonds School District, serving approximately 220 students.

It is a school of choice, meaning that students must apply for admission. Systems and procedures are in place at Scriber to help students achieve their goals in a hands-on, experiential setting.


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