Wind Turbines Killing Bats .

By steven d keeler | Nov 17, 2013


The local greens are besides themselves ...

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Posted by: steven d keeler | Nov 17, 2013 13:32

Look for the Department of Energy to mandate screens for all wind turbines by the end of next year… That will most certainly improve the efficiency of said wind turbines, and the plus will be that people will have to be hired to clean the debris stuck to the screens.

And when a citizen talked to Greenpeace recruiters on the 16th Street Mall in Downtown Denver, they all violently denied that ANY birds were killed by wind power plants. The faulty thinking of the environmental community is staggering.

A 130 foot blade sweeps a circle, at the tip, of 817 feet. With a tip speed of 179 mph, that’s 262 feet per second. So, at any given point the little feller has about 3 seconds to “shoot the gap” and avoid the blade. But wait! These Blendmasters usually have three blades. Now he’s down to just over 1 second. I suppose it’s doable, as long as we’re not worried about turbulence or the bat getting entrained in an eddy or vortex which flings him back into the blade path or a support structure.

The problem can be solved by bat behavioral psychologists.
Paid from the federal $2.7 billion/year for climate change studies, if not from a new fund altogether.

All what one has to do is to transmit, through loudspeakers mounted on the turbines, to the bats, before impact, the message:

“It’s for the good of your grandchildren!”


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