Who will be going to D.C.?

Races for U.S. Senate, House of Representatives on Nov. 6 ballot
By Brian Soergel | Oct 29, 2018

In addition to sending candidates to Olympia to serve in the state Legislature, Edmonds voters will have the opportunity to vote on who will serve in the House of Representatives representing the 7th Congressional District, as well as in the U.S. Senate.

The Edmonds Beacon sent out questions to the two candidates for each position, regarding important issues locally and nationally.

They were given 300 words total to answer the Beacon’s questions.

U.S. Senate – 6-year term

This year, Sen. Maria Cantwell is up for reelection, and her competitor is Susan Hutchison.

Cantwell, a Democrat from Edmonds, was first elected in 2000, and serves on the Senate committees on Commerce, Science and Transportation; Energy and Natural Resources; Finance; Indian Affairs; and Small Business and Entrepreneurship.

Hutchison, Republican, worked as a KIRO news anchor for over 20 years.

In addition, she is former chair of the Republican Party of Washington.

During the August primary, Cantwell received 54.68 percent of the vote while Hutchison received the next highest percentage, 24.3 percent, to move on to the November ballot.

Cantwell and Hutchison were asked about divisiveness in the country between political parties and how elected officials can help repair that, what the top concerns facing Washington residents they wish to address are, border security and President Trump’s attempt to build a wall between Mexico and the United States, and any other issues they wanted to address.

Maria Cantwell

Alleviating partisanship

You lead with science. I've worked across the aisle with my colleagues in the Senate to come up with bipartisan solutions based in science and technology. We must continue to bridge this divide by working together on issues and finding solutions that benefit everyone.

Top concerns

I believe in affordable, accessible health care for Washington families. Washingtonians who still lack health coverage is one of our biggest problems, and I will continue fighting everyday until no one has to live without knowing they are covered.

That's why I fought to stop President Trump from stripping health care from 750,000 Washingtonians and eliminating protections for preexisting conditions. Washingtonians also want to see us address climate change in a serious way, fix our broken immigration system, and grow the economy in a way that expands the middle class and reduces income inequality.

Border security

I believe in border security, and I have voted for border security. However, if we try to build a wall across thousands of miles of our country, we are not going to be successful, and it will not be cost effective.

These plans affect the northern border when they say they want to close the crossing at Danville or Metaline Falls because there isn’t enough money to keep them open – that affects our commerce and our trade here in Washington. I support a border system that effectively uses technology and stronger border agents.

Additional comments

I'm proud to represent the people of Washington state and the values that we share. In the Senate, I've crafted legislation to help bring prosperity to our state and to our nation. I will continue to fight to ensure that prosperity lifts us all up, not just a few.

Susan Hutchison

Alleviating partisanship

We are in desperate need of change in Washington, D.C., and Washington state. We are in a scary time. We saw during the Kavanaugh hearings that if you disagree with the Democrats, a mob might come after you, with harassment and threats.

This is not the way America should be. None of us should be afraid to be able to voice our opinion for fear of violence against us. Democratic elected officials must reject the tactics of mob action and intimidation.

Top concerns

In the time since my campaign started, the major issues that have been raised range from the economy to immigration to national security. For my views on key campaign issues, see "18 Reasons to Vote For Susan Hutchison" on my website at www.Susan4Senate.com/18-reasons.

As senator, I will put the people of our state first. I will be an advocate for the interests of our state's farmers, workers, small businesses and industries. Economic prosperity – more jobs, reduced unemployment, and increased wages – should not be limited to Seattle, but should be throughout the state.

Border security

U.S. Immigration is broken. Our laws are some of the weakest in the world, and to make matters worse, the Democrats aggressively oppose enforcing them. Maria Cantwell supports open borders – a system that hurts workers, harms the environment, encourages human trafficking and drug smuggling, and makes us vulnerable to terrorists.

I will support a humane immigration system that promotes legal entry and blocks illegal entry. I will support a border wall in every effective form: physical, electronic and law enforcement. As our country generously welcomes one million new legal immigrants every year, my hope is that all will fulfill their American Dream.

Congressional District 7 – 2-Year Term@

Incumbent Pramila Jayapal won her seat in November 2016, following the retirement of 14-term Rep. Jim McDermott. Jayapal – who spoke at a town hall March 29 at the Edmonds Senior Center – serves on the House Judiciary Committee; the subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security; and the subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet.

She is also the vice-ranking member of the House Budget Committee and the first vice-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

The Democrat had 83 percent of the vote in the primary, and will be challenged in the general election by Republican Craig Keller, who pulled in 17 percent.

Keller interned in the Congress in 1984 and was a precinct officer for 24 years. He said he wants to “drain the swamp in D.C. and Seattle” and “vote mandatory e-verify to halt Social Security theft committed by illegal aliens.”

Keller also ran for the position in 2014, losing to McDermott handily.

Pramila Jayapal

Alleviating partisanship

As a lifelong organizer, I look at issues and ask, how can I find common ground? I believe most Americans want health care, housing, a chance to retire with dignity, and that they care about their families and their communities.

We should start with our shared values and look at the issues themselves, not what letter someone has next to their name. Without compromising our core moral principles, I believe we can find ways to break the gridlock.

Top concerns

The most important issue facing my district is affordability. One of the biggest priorities of my first term has been around health care – I formed the Medicare for All caucus and PAC to support candidates and initiatives that will expand Medicare to all Americans, because nobody should be one health-care crisis away from bankruptcy.

Other affordability issues include ensuring workers have a living wage, solving college debt, protecting housing affordability and fixing the homelessness crisis.

Border security

The Trump administration’s immigration policies, including its attempts to build a wall, have been deeply destructive. Its family separation policy, ripping apart parents and children, was a moral atrocity that I fought with everything I had.

We need to pass a humane immigration reform bill that defines a clear path to citizenship and stops criminalizing people who seek better lives in the U.S. The Dream Act, which I am co-sponsoring, is actually a bipartisan bill that would pass in an instant, but the current House leadership refuses to call a vote.

Additional comments

These past two years, I’ve been honored to serve as your voice and stand up for your values. I believe that working people are the backbone of this country, and we need to make sure everyone has a fair shot. I’m so excited to represent this district and I’d love your vote again.

Craig Keller

Craig Keller did not respond to the Beacon’s questions.

Ballots for the general election are due by Nov. 6.



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