Who’s the big dog on the block?

By John Pierre | Mar 13, 2014

Who is the big dog on the block?  Russia invades the Ukraine and nothing is done about it other than, like a little boy when one forefinger makes a forward motion over the other we say, "Naughty naughty."

Our country and the feckless United Nations does precisely nothing. Will we start drawing another red line over which Vladimir Putin is warned not to cross?  Soon we'll have a collection of red lines all over the globe, none of which mean doodley squat.

Putin doesn't care what we think or the United Nations thinks or, for that matter, what NATO or the European Union thinks. As an old KGB leader, he does whatever suits his fancy at the moment.  His motivation is for increased power.  How do you say "Der Fuhrer" in Russian?

Am I suggesting military action?  No!  But there are other ways, such as economic, with which we can exact retribution from Russia that could be more effective than the useless conversations that we are wont to call negotiations.  Putin isn't going to negotiate with anyone.  He has made up his mind to do anything that pleases him.  The guy is a killer, and he'll always be a killer.

It would seem obvious that we're no longer the strongest and most respected nation on the planet.  I have no specific statistics to prove it, but it seems that Russia, China and even North Korea are calling the tune to which we and others are dancing.

Iran is continuing its nuclear development and has made no secret of its intent to wipe Israel off the map.  Not unlike our tolerance of Putin, the agreement between the U.S. and Iran would seem to be nothing but empty words with zero effect on continued Iranian nuclear development.  Syria continues to gas tens of thousands of its citizens involved in opposition to Assad's regime.

Left to us, it seems that nothing will be done in either instance.  Soon Israel is going to say, "Enough already," and solve the Iranian problem for good.  Netanyahu can be tough when tough is needed.

Too bad it has to happen that way, but someone has to do it.  It is also too bad that we don't back our age-old friends, but we seem reluctant to do so.  We seem to prefer to paint more red lines.

In the event of Israeli action on the Middle East, Russia will make noises about joining the fray, but I suspect that they have enough problems at home without making other, extended, military commitments.  Besides... they don't seem to be able to afford it.

It's a war-like world we live in, and we’d better start acting like something other than global patsies.

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