Who gives a hoot about train whistles?

Sep 19, 2013


Mr. Reibman apparently requires a quiet train whistle zone to enhance his Edmonds living experience.

And gosh, we paid yet another consultant, apparently, to tell the city that quiet is good. Hurrah!

We could use a heck of a lot more QUIET in this city – the trains are the least of the noise.

And if Mr. Reibman wants his quiet zone because it would help make Edmonds the best it can be – then ALL the Edmonds citizens should be asked to bear the burden of a tax – not just those of us who live near the train tracks.

I’ve got a long list of things that would be better served by an improvement district in the interest of making Edmonds the best it can be. Train whistles are not on that list.

See you at the polls, Mr. Reibman.

Ann Louise Maynard


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