Where’s the rage about killing children in America?

Sep 19, 2013


Let me understand this. Obama and his people want to punish Syria for chemical attacks that killed 1,400 people, which includes about 400 children.

They want to send rockets etc. into the landscape for this terrible attack.

This into a country that poses no danger to the United States.

What about the chemical and surgical weapons used to kill many more children right here in the USA?

In my opinion, we have completely killed many more each year than Syria has since their civil war started.

You never hear about this on the news or even read about it anywhere.

We have become a nation of blame someone else instead of looking inward.

So I ask, is Syria worse than us for killing 400 children or are we worse for killing thousands of babies? Either way, the children die and the leaders of the world blink…

Fred Lockhart


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