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Where can I get a cup of coffee as unique as Edmonds?

Jan 25, 2018

It’s hard to be as unique as Edmonds – capturing the Pacific Northwest spirit and infusing it with thoughtful additions from around the world. And it’s even harder to put all that into a cup of coffee.

But that’s what the folks at Waterfront Coffee Company have perfected.

Like Edmonds, the café – located across from the ferry terminal – is small but bursting with community. The Edmonds-based owners and their staff love to hear stories from everyone who stops by, whether from up the street or halfway around the world.

And if the friendly atmosphere wasn’t enough to draw you in, the coffee sure is! The baristas make sure each drink has a perfect double-ristretto shot from locally roasted Caffé Vita coffee; weighing each espresso grind, then extracting for 25-30 seconds, so the craft-style beverages are full-flavored and never taste burnt, bitter or sour.

So next time you’re in the mood for a cup of coffee as unique as Edmonds, stop by the Waterfront Coffee Company at 101 Main St., #B, 425-670-1400.

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