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By Bob McChesney | Jul 14, 2017
Courtesy of: Joni Kirk

Did you know that Washington state has the largest locally controlled public port system in the world?

There are 75 port districts in Washington, all of which are governed by an elected commission and operate independent of local governing agencies. Port districts vary greatly across Washington state, but we share a common goal: to provide economic stimulation for our communities.

The Port of Edmonds’ mission is to operate in a fiscally sound and environmentally responsible manner.

We want to ensure quality service to our customers and provide a vibrant and attractive environment for the Edmonds and Woodway communities, with full accountability to the stakeholders of the Port District, consistent with the Port’s primary purpose to promote economic development.

The Port of Edmonds is a brand: “Your Homeport Advantage and Choice Destination: Quality, Service, Value, Convenience.” That’s our promise. We achieve this by focusing on the following five pillars:

Be a responsible financial steward

• Operate and develop marina facilities with the goal that they will be fully self-funded. Both the marina and commercial properties generate surplus revenue to fund maintenance and future improvements at the Port.

• Ensure commercial activities and facilities that provide appropriate financial return consistent with community values, commercial marketplace, applicable regulations and risk to public resources.

• Examples include professional office spaces at Harbor Square, Anthony’s restaurants, Arnies, Jacobsen’s Marine, Puget Sound Express whale watching tours, and many other local businesses.

• Levy and use any tax revenue for the benefit of the general public, consistent with community values and interest.

• The Port Commission has established a policy to minimize tax levy support and limit its usage to specific public purposes. In addition, the tax levy has been held constant without any increase for over 10 years, and less than what would otherwise be allowed by statute. No tax levy dollars are used to offset operating costs.

Be a responsible environmental steward

• Seek opportunities to promote and enhance environmental programs.

• Communicate potential regional environmental impacts to the Port’s constituents

• We conduct regular water-quality testing. The Port has never failed a water-quality test. Additionally, all catch basins and storm drains are cleaned and cleared with regularly scheduled maintenance.

• The Port contributed $11,000 to improve marsh buffers.

Provide and/or foster quality services and facilities for tenants and the boating community.

• Provide a high level of quality service consistent with the values of the clients.

• Provide opportunities for private entrepreneurs to serve the boating community.

Play a leadership role in ensuring that the waterfront is a vibrant, active centerpiece for the Edmonds and Woodway communities

• Ensure that Port facilities are attractive, safe, clean, user-friendly and readily accessible.

• Seek and secure opportunities for public access and enjoyment. We are active participants in the Edmonds Waterfront Festival.

• Support youth programs such as Sea Jazz youth musicians and Artists in Action.

• Provide opportunities in economic development.

• Foster public and private partnerships.

• Tourism promotion. We work hard to promote the Port as a destination.

Communicate openly, frequently, and consistently with Port District residents and tenants

• Provide information on Port issues and activities to Port District residents and tenants on a regular basis. We do this by maintaining an up-to-date and informative website and holding regular commission meetings, open to the public. The Port also generates a monthly newsletter and provides the community with informative mailers.

• Provide regular and frequent opportunities for residents and tenants to communicate directly with the Port.

A large part of our revenue comes from running profitable operations such as the marina and the Harbor Square Business Complex. Generating revenue allows us to be a large contributor to the Edmonds economy.

We are proud of all the businesses and employees that call the Port of Edmonds home and we hope you are too.


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