It's time this matter was given some serious thought before we get so far along that we can't stop it.

What’s up at 5 Corners?

By John Pierre | Mar 01, 2012

I don't know about the rest of you overburdened tax payers who are being asked to spend your hard-earned money on the proposed "roundabout" at Five Corners, but I haven't heard a peep out of anyone either on the City Council or any member of the Edmonds staff that proposed this monstrosity of fiscal irresponsibility.

Maybe the instigators of this gigantic and ridiculously expensive boondoggle are so anxious to give away our money they are kinda hoping that, as time goes by, the objections will wither and die on the vine.

Speaking for myself, when Edmonds big spenders want to give away my money I'm simply not willing to stand by and let them bamboozle me.

As we all know by now, the original estimate of cost for this monument to the stupidity of government bureaucracy was approximately $2,500,000.

I am quite sure we also know that the job will never be done for less than $3,500,000 or $4,000,000 or likely even more.

The last time we heard anything about this unnecessary expense to Edmonds taxpayers we were told that they had already spent $70,000 of our local money.

Do we really think that's where it's going to end?

Albeit the rest of the country's taxpayers will be tapped too but we are surely going to be in it for a couple hundred thousand more out of our own, nearly empty pockets (very likely more) before this nonsense is concluded.

And, we surely will have put several Five Corners merchants out of business during the usual more-than-normal lengthy construction process.

How about it Mr. Mayor and City Council members?

Why don't you fill us in on where this project stands at present and how much more money we are going to be robbed of?

It's time this matter was given some serious thought before we get so far along that we can't stop it.

As a citizen of Edmonds for just under 50 years, I think I am within my rights to demand a report of where things stand at present and what further actions are being undertaken behind closed doors.

How about some transparency in what goes on at City Hall and in the Council chambers?

I'm sure most of the citizens would be interested in seeing a response.

An article in the Edmonds Beacon and other Snohomish County publications would be a good start.

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