What’s the point of the ARB?

Dec 24, 2013


More ugly buildings for Edmonds.   In my humble opinion, the new McDonalds in Westgate has no design qualities, no presence, it is a nothing building.

It’s basically a rectangle  with a few embellishments or otherwise known as “a pig with lipstick.”  The same can be said about the new Walgreens building a block east on SR 104.

Wow, another plain, boring building with a few windows.  Why does the City have an Architectural Review Board when designs like these get approved?

The City Council is probably happy with these structures since both are under 25 feet in height and not in the bowl.   These structures could be found in any location anywhere.  They add nothing to the neighborhood or the City.

These two structures, in addition to the recent Key Bank building, are the very reasons for the proposed, community-developed, Westgate Plan and zoning code.

While a fast-food restaurant and drug store are appropriate uses for the commercial center, it is their location, design, orientation, lack of character, and parking orientation that are problems for the future development of the Westgate Center.

Edmonds is hurting economically and needs additional tax revenues. A well-designed and functioning Westgate Center would assist the City financially.

I strongly urge the Planning Board to send the Westgate Plan and related zoning  to the City Council.

Likewise, the City Council must act on the Westgate Plan and not delay action, which has been the fate of many important items before the council of late.  Edmonds needs progress. Delay means more of the same type of inappropriate buildings at Westgate.

John Dewhirst


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