What’s the point of a trial?

By John Pierre | Jul 25, 2013

Though I spent nearly 40 years in a company that was owned by my mentor and friend, a lawyer (Joe Diamond for whom I had the greatest respect and admiration) I find it difficult, in viewing some of these televised trials, to understand the apparent lack of integrity of some of the lawyers on either the side of the prosecution or the defense.

Case in point?  The Florida trial of George Zimmerman, acquitted of the charge of 2nd degree murder of Trayvon Martin, captured my interest in these types of television performances.

In listening to the case, the apparently inept prosecutor in this case made it appear that he didn't care whether or not the truth of the matter came out, but rather he appeared to be only concerned with the possibility of the resultant notoriety of winning this widely televised case.

Certain matters that might have proven to be injurious to the state's position or the prosecutor's personal interests, with the approval of the judge, were withheld from the jurors.

Likewise, the defense lawyer's major impetus seemed to be only that he win the case for the sake of the cameras.

Certain "witnesses" were trotted out and sworn in to recite their apparently carefully rehearsed scripts to attempt to present one side or the other upon which the sequestered jury might form their final position and judgment of the case without having all of the evidence to consider.

What ever happened to seeking justice for the guilty as well as the innocent?  Did anyone of these television conscious barristers really care what happened to Martin or what might have happened to Zimmerman?  Having watched a few hours of this trial, I rather doubt it.

Forgive me Joe (he would turn over in his grave if he heard me say this) but I think that lawyers should re-read their Lawyers Oath and begin to serve the cause of justice rather than being obsessed by the lure of the possible notoriety and the eventual bucks that sometimes are the result of a televised victory.

May I approach, your Honor, and express my disgust at this and other similar court cases?

Does the OJ Simpson trial theatrics come to mind?

As Archie Bunker would say, "Case Closed."

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