What’s the motivation?

Too many questions and not enough answers.
By James Clark | May 03, 2012


Having read the several letters over the past numbers of months regarding the potential for an increasing number of coal trains traveling through Edmonds it is obvious that this is a polarizing subject.

Will the trains pollute the towns and countryside?  Are the trains a "job creator"?  Are the so called "eco-fascists" once again going bonkers?  Is this good for the overall economy?

Too many questions and not enough answers.

I do know that I don't want any more trains coming through Edmonds regardless of what the freight content is.

I would like it if there were NO TRAINS coming through Edmonds!

The questions to John Pierre, Bart Cronin, Steve Keeler and others who have written so vehemently in favor of the coal trains are these:

Are the trains something that you want just because you have to have them or could you live without more trains if this situation didn't exist.

On the other hand are you only for this just because the "eco-fascists are against it?

Just interested in what motivates the venom.


James Clark

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Posted by: Jim Shelton | May 03, 2012 10:53

      Although I did see a little venom in one of the letters, I think the others may have been trying to "keep it real."

      I too would like to see no trains come through Edmonds, periodically holding up traffic and whistles ablasting.  But, they were here well before we all got here, so I suppose that's not being very real to wish them gone.

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