What’s happened to TV?

By John Pierre | Jul 12, 2012

Monkey see, monkey do. That old saying seems an appropriate description of modern TV programming.

A while ago, a show called Dog the Bounty Hunter, starring a group of overly-fat ruffians who apparently stay just barely inside the law in their search for, and capture of, bail jumpers did pretty well.

Because of that show's modest degree of success, soon copy-cat shows were cropping up all over the place and some morphed into a number of repo presentations.  Among these is something with the disgusting name of Lizard Lick Towing.

Then there were cooking shows that began many years ago with Julia Child and her ground breaking French Chef TV show and, due to its eventual success, cooking shows began to crowd the television schedules until an entire channel was devoted to nothing but various "cooking" shows, many of which pitted emerging chefs against each other, that concluded with some self-appointed experts telling losers to pack their bags and go home.

I enjoy watching talented cooks prepare delightful dishes but shows  like "Chopped" are hard to digest.

Early there was People's Court with "Judge" Wapner who was among the first.

That appeared to be the start of an infestation of TV " judges".

Almost all of the decisions rendered by these "courts" were snap judgements, reactionary and laced with an attempt at humor.

Many of these "litigants" have signed a "binding arbitration" agreement and are being paid to air their dirty laundry in public and are selected to appear only after faring well in an audition test.

Doctor shows?  Most are an insult to the medical community and many are presented by people who have adopted the title of "doctor" so they may make their opinions have a little more legitimacy.

A number of these presentations provide "expert" advice that is akin to Dear Abby's or her sister Ann Landers' answers to questions.

Even advertisers are copycatting.  How about the one where a busload of singers yodel that they "need cash now."

Wouldn't you know... other companies have jumped on the bandwagon and are offering to buy your annuity or other source of monthly income and hand you a one-time payment of cash.

All you have to do is give up your rights to ever collect that regular income for an instant amount that you surely will spend in a few days after you have paid a substantial fee to the offerer and have had extra income taxes levied against you.

Television seems to get more disgusting as each day goes by.

I guess that's why I much prefer to watch one of my collection of movies... but not modern ones with characters hopping in and out of bed frequently.

Nope... I prefer the older movies that actually have a story line or offer some humor.

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