What? Not again!

By John McAlpine | May 19, 2013
Photo by: John McAlpine

So here I was, all set to blog about how it seemed the Mariners had 'rounded the corner', 'come of age' or 'got up to speed' with respect to playing a competitive brand of baseball when they ran into the buzz saw disguised as the Cleveland Native Americans. Oops, I mean Indians. The names of sports teams in the 21st century is the subject of a blog for another day.


Anyhow, my last entry about the M's ranted on how terribly they'd been hitting and scoring runs. I wrote that about a month ago. Since that blog they had gone on a bit of a positive streak and had won the majority of the series played. Until today.


Cleveland has taken 3 straight from the M's. Winning Friday night on an extra inning home run, winning yesterday on a bottom of the ninth rally after the Mariners had tied it with back to back round trippers in the top half, and shutting them out today handily, and beating King Felix 6-0.


As a baseball fan in general and Mariner fan in particular, these kind of patterns are frustrating. They illustrate the still inconsistent play of the team and it is maddening I'm sure to manager Eric Wedge to not know which team will show up on any given day.


Now I know that within each individual player the performance levels will vary day to day. For example Felix didn't have very good 'stuff' today and got smacked around because of it. Based on history though at the end of the season Felix Hernandez will be at or near the top of every meaningful pitching statistic.


The other players? For most of them, I'm not so sure they will be within binocular range of the top of the hitting statistics. Today they mustered only 3 hits and got struck out 11 times. Yesterday they were thwarted until the top of the ninth. Friday the offense consisted of home runs. Don't get me wrong, homers are good. But to rely on them to win games is not the way to go.


Maybe this is just a bump in the road to .500. The team has the players it needs to play at that level but we've not seen it on a consistent basis.


Having said all that, if they win the rest of the road trip games (3 remain), they come home one game under .500 and a chance to finish the month at the even water mark.


That would go a long way toward keeping fan interest in the baseball team for the rest of the 2013 season.


Now get out there and take one for the team!



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