What have they done?

By John Pierre | May 10, 2012

At least according to the daily "news" I read on the Internet, it seems we are becoming a nation of celebrity worshippers.

It doesn't seem to make any difference whether the subject "celebrity" is jumping in and out of bed with just about anybody with whom they come in contact, breaking various laws regarding illegal drugs with impunity or making babies willy nilly.

They usually get off lightly in court.

The rest of we non-celebrities would be incarcerated for a specific length of time if we were anywhere near the ignorers of laws that the unfortunately revered movie stars and politicians are.

Some of these "celebrities" are only famous for being celebrities.  For example, what have the Kardashians ever done to find themselves being worshipped and revered other than just being shapely Kardashians.

Daily we hear of their new boyfriends or short-term marriages or casual relationships.

It would appear that the "media" is starving for fuel to feed their gluttonous "news" fires.

I would mention Paris Hilton but she hasn't gotten the media attention since the advent of the Kardashians.

Then there's something who likes itself to be called Lady Gaga.  Pardon me but that's enough to make me sick to my stomach.  Maybe she should be called Lady Gag.

Apparently she sings a little but mostly she simply exposes herself at each opportunity.

Exhibitionism seems to be her self-appointed calling in life.  What happens when she gets old enough that her curves sink down below her waist?

Does she imagine that her grandchildren will enjoy viewing her belly button then?

What about these "reality" show people?  Do you really believe that the many scenes of one of these folks, all by themselves, off in the tules, living off the land, are able to get all of those perfectly staged scenes without a lighting and camera crew along?

Maybe that's all it takes to be called a celebritootie ... a good crew.

The whole "celebrity" nonsense galls me down to my toenails.

For cryin' out loud, John Gotti (a murderin', foul mouthed, drug peddlin', throat slashin' piece of human trash) was considered a celebrity because he did things  that intrigued the populace when he wasn't busy killing his competitors.  How disgusting.

I recall, a few years ago, when some of our company's corporate travelers were on a flight into California.

One of the owners of our company, who exhibited zero class, spotted John Wayne seated across from us on a flight out of Oregon, where he had been participating in the filming of the movie True Grit.

Whereupon he quickly jumped out of his seat and approached the icon and announced, "You're him!"  I felt like crawling under my seat and pretending not to know my boss.

I would have loved to say hello to John Wayne (a true celebrity)... but not while he was minding his own business and enjoying a cocktail on a flight.

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