What happens when the Affordable Care Act isn’t affordable?

By John Pierre | Dec 31, 2013

I have tried to avoid politically sensitive subjects with this column as a self-imposed rule.  But, sometimes it becomes more difficult than others.

We have all heard of the unfortunate millions of folks who have had their medical insurance policies canceled, and some of us thought, "Those poor people."  But it wasn't very personal to many of us as we listened to the news.

Let me tell you when it becomes personal.  My wife and I just had our medical insurance policy canceled by a company with which we were extremely pleased.

The monthly cost wasn't cheap ... believe me, it wasn't cheap.  But neither one of us being in what could be called excellent health, we tolerated the heavy-duty monthly premium.

Call it what suits you, but our Marxist-leaning government's interference would seem to be the cause of our unsatisfactory coverage beginning before this column appears again.

Oh yes, we found coverage all right, and the monthly premium wasn't greatly increased but ... and that's a big BUT ... the replacement policy has massive deductibles built in to the point that it is really UN-affordable to many.  For visits to the doctor or hospital, we will be stuck with thousands of dollars of the entire cost.  Think about it.  If we were wealthy, we couldn't afford it.

Many of us who are ranging around 80 years of age find ourselves on a "fixed income."  Fixed income wouldn't be so bad if some rascal hadn't fixed it so close to zero even though we paid into Social Security for 50 or 60 years.

I expect many readers of this column have also suffered cancellations of their medical insurance policies they had previously known.  To them ... what's happening in this country is extremely disheartening and personal.

When will it end?  Or will it ever?  I wouldn't care to hazard a guess, but I wonder if it might get ever more intolerable as time passes by.

I'm kinda glad that I'm older'n the average bear.  It's the younger generations who will probably suffer from the Orwellian direction our government has been taking of late.  It is their futures that concern me the most.

With that, I can only wish everyone an improved New Year.

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Posted by: Randy J Hayden | Jan 02, 2014 17:45

John so sorry to hear about what has been forced on you, the unaffordable Health Care Act. I to am self insured and since the unaffordable Health Care Act was implemented my costs have almost doubled. They say that 2,000,000 peolple have signed up but they don't tell you how many of those had insurance before but had it cancelled like you. As we head 17 plus Trillion in Debt and force these country destroying policies on to our children, who knows where we will end. Slavery started with the repaying of Debt, have we sold our kids and grandkids into a life of Slavery?

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