What, exactly, are the goals of Snohomish County Republicans? | Letter

Mar 05, 2017

I read the Beacon's interview of Randy Hayden with much frustration, especially regarding some apparent inside information that his own religious beliefs are shared by and will be carried out under President Trump and his cabinet, his facile belief that the protests against President Obama were all legitimate and nonthreatening, while all protesters of President Trump are lawbreakers and violent.

Instead of what I hoped would be insight into a GOP vision of the next four years was an introspective piece in the form of a day in the life of a conservative with all the old biases intact.

Not so informational coming from Snohomish County’s GOP officer.

And, despite Hayden's claim, the Jan 21 women's march in Washington, D.C. – my very first protest – was conducted in a loving, respectful and inclusive way, as was the Jan 29 travel-ban march downtown in Seattle – my second-ever march.

Hayden's citing in the article of both his Christian religious beliefs and his “cause” in support of gun rights is maddeningly tiresome. First, why are his Christian beliefs politically germane in this political article when Christians are hardly a persecuted segment of American society and, second, isn't he aware that Americans long ago accepted the Supreme Court's interpretation of the Second Amendment?

Those of us who are against private gun ownership have worked our lives around the now ubiquitous phenomenon many years ago.

I spent a good part of my grown daughter's youth asking prospective play-date parents if they kept firearms in the house, and curtailing her overnight stays by the same measure.

What are his ideas concerning the enormous cloud of unresolved issues that effect us all: immediate immigration regulatory reform, ensuring religious freedom for all, healthcare, protection of all civil liberties, not to mention the Administration's expected but yet unnamed call for detente with the Russians and its nuclear deterrence or escalation plan?

And exactly how we will all be protected under a current a president, an attorney general and a national security adviser who have overtly racial and other heinous biases?

How does the local and state GOP weigh in on these issues?

As a non-Christian, female citizen (I wonder if that puts me in the majority demographic in the U.S.), I'm waiting (m vain?) to hear from the GOP about their vision towards making the collective American life better and lessening the fear unleashed by the incompetence and anarchy emanating from the White House in the weeks since inauguration.

Susan Bauer


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Posted by: Nathaniel R Brown | Mar 05, 2017 15:05

Thank you, Susan, for expressing so clearly and calmly so many thoughts that I share with you.  As a Christian, male citizen, i can only repeat my thanks!

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