Western powers should step in | Letter

Jun 05, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

I just finished “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” by William Sherman.

Adolph Hitler was elected chancellor of Germany in 1933 with a 44 percent approval rating.

In Germany, at that time, there were multiple political parties. He secretly put the country on a war footing, and first occupied the Rhineland in 1935. He took the Sudetenland in 1936, and Austria in 1938.

According to documents presented at Nuremberg, the Western Powers could have stopped Hitler in his tracks up until 1937 when his approval rating was above 90 percent.

It wasn't until he invaded Czechoslovakia in 1938 and headed to Poland in 1939, that the Western Powers declared war.

Hitler had six years to build his war machine. Vladimir Putin was elected with 53 percent of the vote in the year 2000.

His approval rating had dropped to between 40-43 percent in recent years.

That is, until he invaded Crimea, now it has shot up to over 80 percent and rising. Putin is now eyeing Transnistria, southern Ukraine and Odessa, and after that, Moldova. At any time the Western Powers could stop him in his tracks.

Just saying.

David B. Page



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