‘We Don’t Want Any More People on Sunset’

Feb 27, 2014


It is my understanding that at the March 4 City Council meeting, three or four politically locked-in and/or “Old Boy” residents of Sunset may prevail with as many as four councilpersons to vote to kill the proposed Sunset Walkway. What a shame that would be for those who don’t live on Sunset.

Yes, there are some relative minor issues with the proposal that are not finalized: a short-term lease from Burlington Northern for some of the right of way, a decision on how wide the walkway is to be built and the loss of a few parking stalls.

These are the kind of things the initial portion of the consultant contract work is to resolve.

The real reason for the opposition? Maybe it was as was told me by two of the principal opponents who came to our home and said, “We don’t want any more people on Sunset.”

I must admit that I reacted very poorly upon hearing those words... to the point that I felt compelled to later call both and apologize for those words.

I did not and will not apologize for my reaction to their attitude that Sunset somehow belongs to them and they have the right to limit or exclude others from enjoying the Sunset Avenue views.

What a shame. And what a shame if our council goes along.

Edmonds has just experienced an elderly woman’s death on a lightly travelled low-speed city street.

On a sunny spring or summer weekend, Sunset is literally packed with people with only a few walking on the narrow sidewalk on the east side.

The rest are in the bike lane, in the street or walking on the grass on the west side of the street.

This foot traffic in the street coupled with drivers that may be more tuned in to the Puget Sound experience than the road ahead probably mean that it is only a matter of time before there is another accident resulting in a tragedy.

Why? Because “We don’t want any more people on Sunset.” I am sorry, but that is just wrong.

Mike Echelbarger


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