We are missing the mark on the Taste of Edmonds

By Katherine and Nick Stojkovic | Aug 13, 2012


I am sitting here in my  house at 7:30 p.m. looking at the wind up of the “30th” Birthday of the Taste of Edmonds.

I have probably been to most all of them and I must say that we have not learned much from the past. Many of our  Edmonds neighbors were polled on their thoughts of this yearly festival.

If anyone has been to the Mountlake Terrace  festivities,  there would be agreement they have it  “right” and we have it “wrong” or we could do much better.

They have a covered tent with a dirt-free enclosure that allows families to sit down, eat, ( they serve snacks)  and yes, have a beer. No one is walking around a filthy dirty track kicking up dust all over clothes, feet and food.

There are not enough tables to sit at and eat. There is no food in the beer garden and people who do not want to “lose their place” in the beer garden and have to stand in line to get hammered, will forgo the food and proceed to do just that.

Taking all the long tables out  years ago that allowed people the opportunity to eat and visit was a huge mistake.

The “Taste” has gone stale and stagnant. Put plastic down on the dirt  track  if  the City won’t fix the track or  cover with  something more appropriate.

Serve food and set up tables in  the beer garden so people will be encouraged to eat  as they drink.

As I am cleaning the dirt off my floors, windows and feet for the last time this weekend- please consider input and some fresh ideas from others in planning a next year’s taste.

I have heard and seen, the attendance is down this year. Many vendors say they did  not break even.

Have a town hall meeting and start to gather some fresh ideas for next year.

It was far from  the 30th birthday celebration it should have been. It was the same old thing.


Katherine and Nick Stojkovic

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Posted by: Suzanne Neilsen | Aug 16, 2012 19:50

The Taste:

I agree that some changes need to be made.  Some really good points were mentioned regarding The Taste.

I have lived across the street from the track for almost 11 years.  I have yet to see them replace the material that is used for the jogging track.  On any hot day that you walk over there your shoes always get covered in dirt.  If the City is to profit from the Taste they should give back and fix the track.

Although it would be nice to have food in the beer garden I would think it would be difficult to decide who gets the special treatment from being inside the Beer garden.  I suppose you could charge the vendor extra money for that location. Another idea is to give out passes to those that want to get some food to bring back into the garden.  Write the time that they leave the garden and give them 30 minutes to return with the food. That way they won't have to stand in line again or lose their place.


Suzanne Neilsen

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