Watershed should be protected, not developed

Apr 03, 2014


Some individuals in Edmonds have a short-sighted vision of the value of the woodlands known as "Angler's Crossing."

In their view, a fist full of dollars and a few homes are far more valuable than protecting our natural resources.

It seems obvious they think the vision of our Seaview/Perrinville homeowner group is misdirected and we cannot see the real "green" value of this property.

Angler's Crossing, a 5.47-acre woodland, is located near the intersection of 184th Street SW and 80th Avenue W in the Seaview area. It is an important part of the watershed for Perrinville Creek.

If this site is allowed to be clear-cut and covered with impervious surfaces like asphalt, concrete and roofing materials, stormwater will become polluted run-off rather than infiltrated into the soil.

We would not be good stewards of our natural environment if we allowed that to occur.

Over the years, uncontrolled stormwater has eroded the banks of Perrinville Creek. The spawning beds used by a population of resident cutthroat trout and the aquatic insect life have both been harmed by sedimentation.

If there is any reasonable chance for the creek to be rehabilitated, the watershed needs to be preserved allowing for better management of stormwater runoff.

At the urging of our homeowner group, the City Council has taken the first step in preserving this watershed by deciding with a 7-0 vote not to sell their .66-acre lot that is part of the watershed.

The next important action necessary in protecting this natural resource also rests with the City Council.

As a community, we have been united in asking the council to find a financial way forward to purchase the other 4.8-acres of this watershed.

Because that property is privately owned and currently up for sale, it is a matter of urgency for the city to acquire the property.

Our homeowner group not only wants the city to preserve and protect this watershed, but wants to be actively involved in the development of this site as a passive recreational area.

We feel there is real value in providing a year-round unique recreational and educational experience for all visitors, regardless of age, over and beyond that which neighboring parks offer.

Duane Farmen


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