Was he a prophet? A visionary?

By John Pierre | Jun 06, 2013

In the year 1948, George Orwell wrote the novel entitled "1984" wherein he described a fictional country where the government became so large and pervasive that it spied on each of its citizens 24 hours a day.

The government of that fictional country, Oceania, eventually gathered so much private information that it knew everything there was to know about everyone.

Bank accounts were monitored, phone calls were recorded and filed in millions of dossiers under the citizen's names.

Everyone in Oceania was suspected of being a possible subversive with plans to take power away from the government.

That was penned in 1948 (65 years ago) about a government out of control and running amok.

Now, compare that with what has been happening in America lately. When we buy groceries, our preferences and overall buying habits are recorded (if we use the special discount card) and reviewed by who-knows-who.

Newspaper reporters and columnists (except the Curmudgeon and no government meathead is interested in what I write) are allegedly having their phones tapped by the Justice Department and the case is being investigated by whom? You guessed it... the same Justice Department that is being accused of the invasion of the First Amendment guarantee of Freedom of Speech.

How about the IRS? This massive and all-powerful villain has reportedly taken to causing special scrutiny of persons or organizations that do not agree with some of the current government's agendas.

How do these supposed encroachments affect me? My first reaction is that I don't really care because I have nothing to hide, but wait... what if I wanted to run for some elected office?

Would the government, in checking my grocery shopping records, notice that I bought a couple bottles of wine more than usual and spread the rumor that I had a drinking problem?

Do these comments appear to be politically motivated? That is not my intent.

I believe that our government has been going down this path long before the current administration took over. To me, it's just a question of degree.

When are "we the people" going to stand up and begin to run our government by our votes as the Constitution intended?

We must restrain ourselves from voting for a familiar name with the result that some bums stay in office for decades… long enough to learn all the tricks on how to bamboozle the American citizens.

We need to remember that these government elitists are our employees, not an entity unto themselves.

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