Wambolt supports economic vitality

Oct 31, 2013


As Ron Wambolt's campaign manager, I want the public to know why I am supporting Ron Wambolt and not Adrienne Fraley-Monillas for position number 3 on the Edmonds City Council, and why you should care.

Edmonds has been in a severe financial crisis. Only by cutting services, police, road maintenance, parks and by reducing staff has the mayor been able to balance the budget.

The majority on the council has our city headed in the wrong direction. What we desperately need in Edmonds is a larger tax base to keep taxes affordable.

If we do not make it easy for business to locate in Edmonds and for builders to build facilities for those businesses, our taxes are going to go through the roof.

Yet our council just passed a parks user fee of $3,200 per house on new construction.  That on top of a 2010 sprinkler system fee and the increase in sewer hook-up fees that have gone through the roof.

While we need to make it easier for people and business to locate here, we drive builders away with the highest building fees in the county. This won't get the job done. We need a change.

Adrienne Fraley-Monillas has done nothing in the past 4 years to justify her re-election. She talks about the need to provide affordable housing, yet the affordable housing council of Snohomish County is unanimous in support of Ron Wambolt.

Seventy percent of her support comes from out of Edmonds, much of it from out of the county.

Ron Wambolt, on the other hand, is supported by Mayor Earling, Gary Haakenson and every other elected mayor since 1967.

Ron's campaign platform is about creating a better Edmonds through economic vitality, which to him means making sensible decisions that have the full support of the residents of Edmonds.

Less than 10 percent of his contributions come from outside of Edmonds. By the way, Ron has never voted for taller buildings in downtown. He continues to oppose any increase in building heights in the core downtown.

Dave Page


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