Wambolt is a consensus-builder

Oct 10, 2013


The City of Edmonds needs capable, hard-working people on the City Council who study the issues in depth and are prepared to discuss them at council meetings.

Too many of the current members listen only to a very small coterie of people who are adamant in their opinions but who do not reflect the majority of Edmonds voters. As a result, these councilmembers make up their minds prior to learning the facts.

Ron Wambolt listens to experts and citizens alike and is willing to change his mind as the result of new facts, information and understanding.

During his previous term on the council, he learned the job, studied the issues and spoke knowledgeably during meetings. I do not believe that this work ethic is true of all of our current councilmembers.

Ron has support from a wide variety of Edmonds’ citizens of all political persuasions and positions on the crucial issues that are facing our City.

This broad base of support should enable him to build consensus and move the City forward on the critical issues we face.

I urge you to vote for Ron Wambolt for Edmonds City Council.

Kathleen Dewhirst

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