Wambolt believes in action, not just chatter

Oct 17, 2013


I am writing today to encourage your readers, first, to vote in the upcoming Edmonds City Council elections.

Second, I urge your vote for Ron Wambolt.  I have known Ron for many years -- in fact, since he was instrumental in helping the grass roots group to keep King County's massive sewage plant off our waterfront.

Since then, Ron has proven, over and over, his concern with and willingness to work for the benefit of our community.  He was an able City Councilman and will be again.

Ron has the background that makes him a doer rather than just a talker.  His successful career as a corporate executive, which included world travel, has given him a broad view of both problems and their solutions.

He is willing to make decisions and be accountable for them rather than simply appointing one more committee or requesting one more study.  And action in place of chatter is certainly what the Edmonds City Council needs!

It has been my experience with Ron that he is open to differing opinions, he checks facts, and he makes decisions based on what is good for all the people of his community, not just what is good for his perceived base.

Because of all these beneficial characteristics, I will be voting for Ron Wambolt for Edmonds City Council on election day.

Laurie Dressler


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