Wailing on the road to health | Letter

May 24, 2017

Isn't it wonderful that Edmonds has a wailing wall (“A ‘wailing wall’ for Democrats," Letter to the Editor, May 11). The Jewish people have known for centuries the importance of grieving and praying. So, Democrats in Edmonds, wail away.

Real Americans know there is a tragic loss for America: They know there is a loss of health care for millions, the loss of civil rights, the loss of pensions, the loss of clean air, water and earth, the loss of a paying wage, the loss of respect for women and children, the loss of millions of jobs.

Yes, millions of jobs. For every act Trump has taken there are lost jobs: scientists, regulators, EPA officials, health care people, educators. Jobs that require education. Jobs that protect the less fortunate.

So Steve Keeler, for your information, weeping is the beginning of health.

We grieve our losses; we let go and we come out fighting for our great country, a country that the anti-American Trump believes is not great.

Go Democrats, go.

Weep away.

Susan Pedersen


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Posted by: shelley larkin-krebs | May 26, 2017 06:39

very tired of all the hate and anger towards Trump no I didnt vote for him but I didnt vote for Killary either we need to stop all the fear mongering let the dust settle we have survived MANY bad presidents we will survive this guy. Find peace people what happens can all be changed

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