Voting season brings on visual assault | Letter

Jul 24, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

I don't think anyone looks forward to the visual assault of all the politicians' signs that litter the landscape come election time.

I guess it's part of the process that we just have to put up with. But when they cross the line, the private property line that is, I say enough is enough.

I am a homeowner with a high-visibility corner lot on Edmonds Way.

I was very annoyed to find Scott Whelpley's sign posted on my property when I retuned home from running errands.

It implies endorsement when I have no idea who this person is or what his values are.

The kicker is that I don't even live in the district that this person aspires to represent.

I promptly removed the sign, and it will be hauled away with the rest of my garbage on Monday morning.



Russ Whealy



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