Vandalism not the answer

Jan 22, 2014

To unknown man:

I saw you, mister, trashing the Walnut Cafe's sandwich board on 5th and Walnut this morning.  I asked you to please put it back up. I was ignored.

Then you continued across the street, and with your nose in the air, also scorning the next clean comment.  I wished you a good day, and YOU ACKNOWLEDGED ME with a response.  There is a brain in your head!

Come to find out, you tossed someone else's board, too. Our lovely town is now at war with another stupid and foolish attempt to cause our citizens to vulgar acts.

Come on now!  Is this for real?  Yes!

Vandalism in this form is unacceptable.

And on to a different subject: the poop on the sidewalks.  Come on, you dog owners, get real.  People are stepping in this garbage.

And there are us scooper (super) people cleaning up after your pets.  Besides, it is the law to clean up after your furries.

Francine Cohen


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