United Nations survey gives glance at world problems | Letter

Jan 14, 2016

Editor, The Beacon:

In a Jan. 7 letter, the writer tells us, "This is a world problem, and will require all of us to participate in the reduction of greenhouse gasses" [“Conversion to renewable resources top priority,” The Beacon, page 4].

In sales, the above statement is called the “assumptive close” technique.

Instead of trying to persuade the customer to buy, you immediately start discussing the price. By engaging with a mutual view where the sale (pitch) is assumed, you hope to deny the customer a first consideration of buying or not buying what you’re selling.

Model projections for temperature? Arctic ice gone? Ocean islands underwater now? Water vapor amplification?

If readers wish to see what the world (via the United Nations) thinks of this " world problem,” simply visit its site data.myworld2015.org.


Steve Keeler,



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