Unexpected Delights

By John McAlpine | Apr 04, 2014
An unexpected delight!


Obnoxious John


Unexpected Delights


Hi Readers,

Since I last spoke to you in December a few things have happened in the sporting world that tickled my fancy. Fired my rocket. Floated my boat. Like reaching into a coat pocket and pulling out a $10 or $20 dollar bill you didn't know was there. Similar to having an appointment on your calendar that say, for whatever reason, you dread. Then to have the appointment be cancelled, postponed or removed altogether. I call these bits of serendipity unexpected delights.


For example, every January 1 for more than 30 years I make it a point to root for the Big 10 representative in the Rose Bowl game. Pitting the winners of the Pac 12 conference against the Big 10 champs, it is one of the finest and best loved traditions in the history of the American sporting scene. Set in Pasadena, seemingly always bathed in 75 degrees of lovely California sunshine, nestled at the foot of the snow capped San Gabriel Mountains it's 3 hours of college pomp and circumstance, of glory and grandeur. It's one of the best things college football has going for itself.


Growing up in Big 10 country means I have backed the losing side in this contest more times than I care to admit. But this year, the Big 10 team was from my home state. So when the Spartans defeated Stanford, it was an unexpected delight.


The Seahawks winning the Super Bowl, quite handily in fact, was an unexpected delight. Personally I had bets and predictions out there (and yes they can be verified) that the Hawks would win by “at least 14.” To triumph over the best team from the AFC and the best NFL team (on paper), by such a huge margin, was icing on the metaphorical cake.


Now comes the start of the 2014 baseball season and we have a new manager, coaching staff and big time second baseman in the lineup. For them to open the season by sweeping the Angels, was, well, an unexpected delight. It's always nice to get out of the starting gate quickly. Let's hope it lasts.




Now get out there and take one for the team!

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