Uncommon sentiments from an old curmudgeon

By John Pierre | Jun 28, 2012

There are very few things more enjoyable than getting together with old friends at a reunion.

I spent a whole chunk of my life in the car rental business, close to 40 years with one company and, upon their being sold to their home corporation, decided to join a team that I had admired for many years.

So my last few years in the business... I guess five or more of 'em... was in association with Thrifty Car Rental and their very enthusiastic and talented younger family of employees.

Eventually that company also sold to their home corporation a little over five years ago and the exceptional employees, because of their standard uniforms were called the Blue Crew, each went their own way and quite successfully I might add.

We just had a five year reunion much to my pleasure.

Although I had been in touch, by email, with a few of them, I really hadn't seen any of them eyeball to eyeball during that period and, actually, longer as I had left the organization about seven years earlier to set up a small business in Edmonds.

What a pleasure to see, shake hands, hug and be hugged by such close old friends.

Though I think I was the oldest person in the room, I saw a few gray hairs on some of 'em.

There were about 25 in attendance and we all laughed our bottoms off as we went around the room, telling what we had been doing with our lives, post Thrifty, and lacing the conversation with stories... some a leetle mite embarrassing to some but it was the kind of embarrassment that caused an eruption of laughter even by the person who was the brunt of the story.

Some of the group had become grandparents in the last few years and pictures were being passed around for all to ogle.

I think I was probably the only great-grandparent in attendance although I'm not sure.

Some of my great-grandchildren are of an age where it is within the realm of possibility that another "great" could get attached to my familial position at any time when I least expect it.

As life goes on, I think people should see about setting up some reunions with fellow workers or classmates or military buddies from however many years ago.

The reunions on a regular basis... say every five years... is a necessity, in my opinion, as some of us will have gone on and the remaining group will have gotten older and will value the memories even more.

Thanks for inviting me, Blue Crew.  I wouldn't trade the experience for anything.

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