UFOs?  Why not?

By John Pierre | Apr 04, 2013

I'll be first to admit that I look upon stories of little green men and abductions by alien creatures with a jaundiced eye but not the very real possibility of spacecrafts doing a fly by and having a look at our planet.

After all, it was only a couple hundred years ago we were limited to horses and buggies for travel and were totally unaware that humans would one day fly.  And look at us now.

Here we are, visiting Mars which, in miles, is about 30 million miles away at the minimum and 300 million miles at maximum (the distance varies because of varying orbits) with an unmanned vehicle as we poke around space for information.

Are we so conceited as to think that we are the only occupied sphere in this unending bajillions of heavenly bodies we refer to as space?

Do we really think that our horse and buggy attempts at space travel are anything other than baby steps?  Do we really think that we have the only intelligent creatures in our infinitesimal galaxy?

It kinda makes me think of a flea floating down the mighty Columbia river on a fallen Autumn leaf with an erect twig as a sail hollering "Raise the drawbridge!"

It seems inescapably obvious to me that our feeble efforts in space travel must be multi-millions of years more developed by other intelligent beings.

But, you ask... "How can a human survive the great distances between possible inhabitable planets?  And who decides what it takes to be ‘inhabitable?’”

Do all beings have a requirement for oxygen and water?  Who is to say that our understanding of time is anything other than another Mayan-like guess at when the Earth will end?

Isn't it obvious that there is no end to space?  Isn't that why they call it "space?"

Do we suppose there is a brick wall out there somewhere that denotes the edge of space?  In all of that foreverness, doesn't it make sense to all but the thickets of human thinking that an unending supply of intelligent beings, far superior to us, have more advanced but possibly similar curiosities to ours?

UFOs? We've created them... why not creations by other "civilizations?"  Forget Mars (other than what we can learn from it)... it's just our next door neighbor.

In our small earth neighborhood, we might wish to be more than the guy peeking over the backyard fence with only his eyes and nose showing in the one-time popular TV show Tool Time.

It appears to me that we humans have a great deal to learn about a great deal.

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