UAH Global temperature, down slightly, “the pause” continues .

By steven d keeler | Dec 04, 2013
Photo by: Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D


The Version 5.6 global average lower tropospheric temperature (LT) anomaly for November, 2013 is +0.19 deg. C, down from +0.29 deg. C in October.


Here in Edmonds, I am reminded of this gem of a observation by one of the local greens - " Global warming is happening all over the world, even if we can't feel it here in Edmonds "


So, evidently Edmonds is not a part of this world ?  Be sure and go out this evening and enjoy some of that warm winter nite air.  Or, wander down to the railroad tracks and point out the coal dust deposits to others, passing by - they're there, just ask your city council !



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