Two snails are on a fence in Edmonds, temporarily

By Brian Soergel | Apr 12, 2017
Courtesy of: Bob Sears On Tuesday, April 4, Ken and Naoko Morisawa put up an installation for the Edmonds Arts Commission on the Main Street side of the Francis Anderson Center fields. It’s called “Together,” and is made from garden hose, plastic wire and tape.

A new “On the Fence” installation on Main Street, “Together,” is a tube project by Lynnwood artist Naoko Morisawa, known for her award-winning studio work in wood mosaic.

For her current project, Morisawa said she liked using the idea of parts incorporated into an object, a kind of “mosaic” style, by using garden hose. The tube artwork represents two snails together, a mother and child.

As with a previous project last year, the whimsical “Liberated Octopus,” the artist is referencing Edmonds’ proximity to the water, and hopes that people walking or driving by will enjoy these simple creatures.

Morisawa also had an installation called “Green Waves/Green Tree” on the Dayton Street Plaza fence.

“A hose tube is an everyday tool, but every time water runs inside it, the hose is active and seems live for me,” Morisawa said.

“I wanted to convey this sense of the material's aliveness to the audience, and decided on snails as an object, titled ‘Together,’ made of hose tubes that has a life within itself.”

When/if the sun returns, look for the shadow of the line sculpture on the sidewalk.

“On the Fence” is a temporary art project of the city of Edmonds Arts Commission. Artists interested in creating installations for one of three locations can contact the Arts Commission, or call 425-771-0228.

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