Tweak the ‘Taste’ | Letter

Aug 14, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

I seem to write the Beacon every year about observations of neighbors who live in close proximity of the “Taste,” in fact, across the street.

I also seem to write my thoughts Monday night, as the last remnants of the weekend are very fresh in my mind.

Tonight they are not only fresh; they are still a reality to the people around the site.

We love the “Taste of Edmonds.” It brings visitors and revenue to our city. It is good for us all.

I hate to see my neighbors putting up cones on city-owned streets because they do not want strangers parking by their homes.

We put a few on our property to ensure our family can park somewhere on our street to enjoy the festivities.

We have the same issues year after year. I feel the need to restate the ones that need to be addressed, and they are as follows:

Serve food in the Beer Garden. Eighty degree-plus weather, beer and wine coolers in the hot sun all day and the risk of “losing” your place at the party if you leave is a recipe for disaster.

At least have bowls of Chex mix on all the tables like what the Mountlake Terrace festival/beer garden supplies. It would help.

Watering down the dirt paths before, during and after as the trucks leave the site would be smart. Can you not cover the dirt track with plastic?

How about the huge clouds of dirt that all the houses in the area deal with every time a truck loads up and comes and goes on that track?

This was a hot weekend, and my windows and doors needed to be open. I have been, even now at 7:30 p.m., cleaning all weekend long.

Trucks have been idling for hours at the track. There is one now I have noted that has been idling for one hour. That, I hear, is against city ordinances.

I know it is once a year. We appreciate the free pass we get, and we use it and spend a lot of money over the weekend.

Try and address these issues and make it a more pleasant and safe place for the people that live around and visit the festival.

It would not take much, and is not rocket science to see what tweaks need to happen.


Thank you,

Katherine and Nick Stojkovic


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