TV drug ads are peddling snake-oil

By John Pierre | Mar 15, 2012

Is anyone else as annoyed as I am over these hundreds of TV ads for new drugs that we're being deluged with?

Daily we are subjected to numerous ads for some new pharmaceutical discoveries for just about any human ailments.

Exelon for dementia, Evista for Osteoporosis, Chantix will help you stop smoking and Raptiva will take care of the heartbreak of psoriasis.  Then, there's Anusol that eases the pain of hemorrhoids and Vagisil for feminine use.

The list goes on and on with dozens more being introduced every day.

There are several ads announcing that you can eat until your bottom falls off but, by taking just one of their miracle pills daily, you'll lose weight.

During the dinner hour, almost without fail, your appetite will be un-enhanced by listening to how you can loosen your bowels or avoid acid reflux.

There are many recently advertised drugs that have been pulled off the market due to dangerous side effects.

Many of these ads are nothing short of hoaxes such as, from years ago, Carter's Little Liver Pills.

They had no effect on the liver nor was the product made from a derivative of animal liver.

And many of these spanking new remedies have a list of serious side effects that should scare viewers into avoiding them entirely.   The drugs, Cialis and Viagra can have an extremely dangerous effect on amorous men who have blood pressure issues.

And with each such ad, the listener is advised to consult with their doctor before taking the pill being pushed.

That's to cover the drug manufacturer's backside in case one of the many listed side effects should cause you physical harm or even death.

Many of these pharmaceutical companies should be ashamed of themselves for these blatantly misleading ads.

As much as I detest governmental interference, the FDA should not permit these ads to continue to encroach upon our minds as we watch our favorite programming about what skullduggery goes on in Washington D.C. or to satisfy our need for occasional entertainment.

Old remedies were best.  Our mamas taught us, years ago, that cod liver oil takes care of a whole lot of potentially devastating malfunctions of our internal organs.

I hated the stuff but a teaspoon full was inflicted on me nearly every day.

Mamas knew what we are just now understanding that certain things are beneficial to our health.

Where did they obtain this knowledge?

From their mamas.


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