A King's Coloring Book

A King's Coloring Book by local writer Richard Schmid.

Not to be outdone by the Tutankhamun exhibit in Seattle, local writer and artist Richard Schmid, brings Tutankhamun, A King’s Coloring Book to Edmonds.

Richard Schmid a former elementary and secondary school teacher first became fascinated with Tutankhamun in 1977 when Seattle hosted this world renowned exhibit. Richard was going to the University of Washington at the time and was a graduate in history, enrolled in a teacher certification program. He researched Tutankhamun fairly extensively at the time and the more he read about it and the more he heard about it the more he wanted to become a part of the whole Tut phenomenon.  Being somewhat artistically talented Richard decided to produce an educational Tutankhamun coloring book.

Richard began to look at various artifacts from the Tutankhamun tomb and started drawing them. First the illustrations were drawn in pencil then later detailed with pen and ink. In 1977 and 1978 there were no personal computers or art programs or internet yet so I had to do everything by hand. Each page of the coloring book starts with a letter and a one word concept that begins with that letter. Then the word is used in a sentence at the bottom of the page further describing the artifact illustrated in the picture.

After six months of hard work the drawings were completed. Richard volunteered to work at the Hunting and Fishing News magazine because they were one of the few places that had their own press.  They taught him the press process at the time of doing typesetting for the sentences and how to do rubylith, masking film for the four color print process for the covers.  What a process! The ruby pages took Richard days to complete alone and there were only 2 pages. By the time Richard was finished with the book the Tutankhamun exhibit in Seattle was almost over. He missed getting the book in the stores at that time  but little did Richard know that 30 years later the exhibit would tour the United States again.

When Richard heard the exhibit was returning to Seattle he decided to revive his effort as he had kept the copies of the pages which were completed so many years before.  So he took a scanner and put all these drawings on his computer and re-finished the book. With the technology of Photoshop, Richard touched up the pages and centered all the drawings and wording and at last, a completed dream.

Tutankhamun, A King’s Coloring Book, can now be purchased from Richard’s website at www.tutcoloringbook.com and on Amazon.com.  Thank you to the Edmonds Book Shop for selling and hosting a book signing on Saturday, September 29.  So come on out and support your local artist.  As Howard Carter, Tutankhamun’s discoverer, would always say, “Can you dig it?”

The Tutankhamun, A King’s Coloring Book, was designed to be an educational coloring book in a variety of ways. It is a multi-level inter-disciplinary educational experience.

At the primary school level the book basically uses the alphabet to examine the artifacts from King Tut’s tomb. The youngest students can learn their ABC’s.  Older students will recognize that each letter of the alphabet is represented with a one word concept that begins with that letter. The word describes what is being displayed in a picture on that page. Then the word is used in a sentence below further describing the artifact illustrated in the picture.

The different educational disciplines that can be discussed with the older students include art, archeology, architecture, cartography, English, geology, history, politics and zoology.

The coloring book is simply just a whole lots of fun!


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