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Apr 28, 2017

Last week, friends and I went out for dinner and a few beers. The first place we went was packed – which is good business! – but so noisy we decided not to wait for a table.

The second place we went had a table, but the noise level was so excruciating that we left before even finishing our beers. It wasn't just the music or the TV – it was people shouting, each one having to shout even louder to be heard. It felt like pressure on the eardrums, and I simply do not want to risk my hearing, or have to shout in the hopes of being heard by my friends.

Is there any way that Edmonds restaurants and bars might be able or willing to address this issue?

Turn down the TV or the music, which makes people have to talk loudly to be heard, which then escalates. Put in sound-absorbing acoustic panels (Chanterelle did this some years ago, and it made a huge difference); cover the floor with something soft.

I simply can't imagine I'm the only one in Edmonds who dines out less than I'd like to because it is so difficult to find a place where friends can simply talk and enjoy each other’s company without bleeding ears and the need to shout.

Find a way to limit noise – and I'll be there!

Nathaniel Brown


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