True friends? Foresure...

By John Pierre | Jun 27, 2013

I believe that true friends are more valuable than gold in the bank.

Recently, I was invited to attend a luncheon with such friends.  We were closely involved with each other as we were working for or with an exceptional man ... Tom.

He is important to this story and, I suspect with the assistance of Pam, organized the get together.

It was a small but closely-knit group and we met in a small private room.  In addition to myself and Tom, there were Pam, Greg, Dawna, Eddie, Emmy and Dave.

There was much time spent on past remembrances and current success stories.  Yes ... success stories.

During this luncheon, there were also periods of laughter at personal situations.  Emmy, for example, mentioned a conversation, about some hard-to-believe subject, between herself and an acquaintance,

The doubting look in Emmy's eyes caused the acquaintance to offer "I can forsure you that it is true."  "Forsure you?" Aaaarrrrggggh!

What we laughed off at that story would have made it very difficult to sit down on anything other than our elbows.

With the exception of one or two of the attendees, all had left the original company and had gone into their own businesses as Tom's company was sold to another entity.

Pam (I always called her Pamatha after the witch on the Bewitched television show of many years ago) has been very successful in her party organizer endeavor.  That is why I suspect she was fully involved in organizing this luncheon.

Dave owns and runs a notably successful boat/yacht business somewhat south of Seattle.

There are several such success stories but if I tried to mention all of them I would probably miss one of my important true friends and that would be a shame.

Suffice to say... these are all exceptional people with success written all over their foreheads.

The original business that brought us all together was pioneered by Tom and had grown over a few years into a force to be reckoned with.

The secret of his phenomenal success was, in my opinion, his strong attachment to everyone in his employ. They weren't just names and numbers on the payroll... they were all part of his family and were treated accordingly.

He knew every one of them and their spouses... or is that "spice?”... by their first names.

The luncheon took me back a number of years and I enjoyed every second of it with my true friends.

Thanks, Tom, for the touching remembrances of our true friends and our association with them.

It will always be with me.

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