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By Joanne Peterson | Aug 21, 2014

I haven’t been home much lately. In the days of raising a family, whether working outside the home or not, my busy-ness was different.

Ask me since I’ve been retired to account for my time, and you’re apt to get a vague response, indicating that I have no idea where my days go.

Reading. Writing. Volunteering. Baking. Gardening on my deck. Walking downtown. Listening to Chopin on KING-FM while I look out the window. Sitting at The Louvre coffee shop with my computer. Pretty simple, hmmm?

Of course, I have meetings and concerts and plays and such. Fortunately, I have times with grandchildren and with friends.

I take out-of-town trips, such as the recent Road Scholar stay at a Benedictine monastery in southern Idaho.

With little encouragement, I would return to the monastery today.

Last month I spent a week on Whidbey Island writing in a small silent cottage in the woods. Yes, I would return there today, too.

I can think of places on Lopez or Orcas Islands where I’d be happy to hole up, blissfully unscheduled. Perhaps “unscheduled” suits me.

In a previous life, I spent several months a year in a second home in Sun City West, Ariz.

Now that I am living full-time in one place, my beloved Edmonds, I am more inclined to go on shorter trips.

Whether I’m home or away, it feels great to be in control of what I do; how I use my time.

I think I am learning to let go of activities I’m ready to leave behind, and I can say “no” and mean it.

I am hooked on Road Scholar, I think, and intend to say “yes” to future trips with that organization.

My trip last fall to the Maritime Provinces of Canada provided a superb introduction.

I’m also hooked on the Edmonds Community College Creative Retirement Institute, CRI, which offers classes and volunteer opportunities three quarters a year.

There’s a lot to do around Edmonds and, of course, Seattle. But you already knew that.

My mail brings offers for river cruises and trips to unfamiliar places; I probably will give in to travel I haven’t thought of yet.

I’ve quit worrying about my money lasting as long as financial wisdom suggests; I’m interested in going and doing while my body still can move about freely, relatively pain free.

I’d like two weeks of January or February sunshine, but not a whole winter’s-worth of palm trees. Will I again visit East Africa or trek in Nepal? Probably not.

Will I sign on for a last-minute tour of the Cotswolds or Northern Ireland or attend summer school at Cambridge? I might.

I’m not keen on more travel abroad at the height of the tourist season, after once sharing with my son a low-budget early December trip to London.

Nobody except locals queuing up at Victoria Station or attending vespers at Westminster Abbey? So it seemed. We loved it.

Right now? I’m at home, but maybe I’ll walk down and take the ferry to Kingston.


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Posted by: Vivian C Murray | Aug 21, 2014 16:29

Yes, I so agree with many of your points. Nicely written!

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