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By Maria A. Montalvo | Sep 06, 2019
Courtesy of: Maria A. Montalvo The famous Piggy Bun Fashion Dim Sum in Edmonds.

The literal definition of dim sum is to “lightly touch your heart,” likely because small dim sum plates were often served as snacks or combined for a family brunch. Good dim sum does touch your heart, and in the case of Fashion Dim Sum, helps you to fall in love with each bite.

All my times visiting Mercado Latino on Highway 99 (one of my favorite markets in Edmonds making homemade corn tortillas on the weekends), I never noticed the restaurant right next door – Fashion Dim Sum.

Although many had told me about the restaurant, I did not notice the name on the storefront (despite the bright blue paint and adorable piggy buns on the sign).

Then I read the article about Fashion Dim Sum last year in The Seattle Times and thought, I really have to go there … Then this week, my partner-in-restaurant-reviews said “Dim Sum for lunch?,” and off we went.

It is tragic it took me this long to experience Fashion Dim Sum.

The restaurant was completely full for lunch when we arrived at 1:20 p.m., and we were not first in line, but it was worth the wait. Steaming pots of tea shined on every table, contrasting the dark wood of the walls and tables in the small but very welcoming restaurant.

Families leaned in over bamboo steamers and plates full of divine looking small plates.

Dim sum, like tapas, is a brilliant way to dine, giving you the option to try different things rather than committing to just one. Fashion Dim Sum makes it even better by demonstrating a commitment to quality and delicious food into each item.

They grind their own flour for their noodles, and the steam carts you usually see in dim sum restaurants are absent here, with each dish made to order.

As hard as it was to stop at seven plates, the two of us chose: the Fashion Taro Dumplings ($4.95), Shrimp Bean Curd Roll ($5.95), the Taro Shrimp Cakes ($4.75), Pan Fried Pork Buns ($7.50), the Shrimp Noodle Roll ($5.25), the Pork Siu Mai ($4.75), and, of course, their famous Piggy Buns ($4.75) (pictured here).

The noodles in the noodle roll were exceptional, so fresh, and thin but then wrapped a few times around the steamed shrimp, and the Shrimp Bean Curd Rolls balanced the two just right.

The Siu Mai, a traditional Chinese dumpling that is a must during a dim sum meal, was similarly flawless, so savory and tender. The Fashion Taro Dumpling was both pretty and tasty, with the noodle folded in in perfect rope at the top.

The favorites of the day were the Pan Fried Pork Buns and the Taro Shrimp Cakes. The cakes of fried taro strips crunched with every bite, and four of them were gone in about three minutes.

The buns, though, are almost indescribable. The fluffy texture was just right, steamed first and then with that little extra char from a pan fry.

We were each able to finish one of the sweet Piggy Buns at the end, with lovely custard filling and their cute bun faces. My husband scored only a few items in our to-go box since we enjoyed every bite so much.

We will be back again and again, hoping to experience that light touch to our hearts and taste buds over and over.

Fashion Dim Sum is at 22923 Highway 99 in Edmonds, and is open 11 a.m.-9 p.m. daily and 10 a.m.-9 p.m. on weekends. The restaurant offers weekend specials that people wait in line for. More information:


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