Time to pay our share

By Barbara Tipton | Jun 25, 2012


The editorial staff of the Edmonds Beacon aptly titled a page 1 story in the June 21 edition.

Written by our mayor, Dave Earling, the article is entitled “The Budget Conversation; City is facing a pressing dilemma.”

Mayor Earling’s capstone essay is the last in a series of articles written by city employees in conjunction with the Beacon’s editorial staff members.

The city employees described the inner workings of their departments and the ways in which they were coping with the looming budget shortfall.

I was quite impressed with the actions taken to help close the gap. Additionally, I was delighted with Economic Development Department staff’s success in garnering grant money for city projects.

As I reflected on the “budget conversation”, I realized that it was time for the community to become part of the dialogue.

Further, it is time for us to take our citizenship seriously.

While expenses are part of the equation, the other component is revenue.

Our shared resources including parks, playgrounds, playfields, pools, community centers, and other recreational facilities need to be kept in good condition and periodically upgraded.

Our streets, sidewalks, trails and other elements of the infrastructure must be maintained.

New sidewalks need to be built and safety improvements must be implemented.

I will be “blunt”, to echo the word used by our mayor; we must open our wallets.

It is not the time to sit around drinking tea and yelling “no more taxes, no more big-government spending.”

When I was young, the notion of civic pride was a major strand in the tapestry of our nation.

It was a time when citizens of cities, towns and villages worked together to fund shared resources. Somewhere along the way, that ethic gave way. The threads have unraveled.

I look at Mayor Earling’s portrait on page one. I think about the times when I have sat in the pews listening to the priest’s weekly homily.

Sometimes I would feel as if he were speaking directly to me. Citizens of Edmonds, Mr. Earling is speaking. And when the collection plate is handed to you, I ask that you make a contribution.


Barbara Tipton

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