Passing It On

Time management, goal setting and purpose

By Crystal Lynn | Feb 13, 2014

For me, time management is the most efficient tool for meeting my goals; goals that enable me to accomplish my purpose in life: to help children and to empower the adults in their lives.

Recently I stumbled across a different reality. It is one that has been under my nose, so to speak, for a long time, and I never even saw it. Now I struggle to incorporate the best concepts of these two ideals.

It is now the beginning of February, and many are still thinking about goal setting and time management as a new year always brings new opportunities. These subjects have been on my mind more than normal this particular year for two reasons.

First, our Friday morning group* asked me to share ideas about time management, which also meant talking about goal setting. I was excited for the opportunity to help “my” group, and to learn more about these subjects for me as well. Second, I walked into this year knowing it would hold many new changes for me (little did I know just how many), and I wanted to be prepared.

In my attempts to find good examples to make our Friday morning group and myself more efficient, I did much reading and soul-searching. Since our group (and this column) is connected to the Edmonds Senior Center, I started thinking how goal setting and purpose in life related specifically to seniors.

For some reason I started thinking about my father, Bill. He only had the privilege of being involved with Edmonds Senior Center for a few short years, before he sadly needed to be put in a home. Dad loved the Edmonds Senior Center. The people at the center loved him as well. Members still ask about him, and send him their love and good wishes.

It was the same when my dad lived north and attended the Everett Senior Center. Today, it is still the same in the elderly home where he lives. He loves people, and people love him.

My father’s purpose in life is to cheer people up and to make them happy.

The interesting thing is that he could never be bothered with time management or goal setting. Such details were not important to him. It was more important to him to “hang out” with his friends and to help them. He made sure they were all right. It is obvious that my father has accomplished his purpose in life. All of our lives are richer because of him.

I grieve because I never realized my dad’s desire to help people was actually his purpose in life. I am now re-examining my own life – at the beginning of a busy and exciting year. I need to make sure my main focus is on my purpose in life as opposed to focusing on details such as time management and goal setting. After all, they are only tools enabling me to live my purpose, which is what my life is all about.

*Edmonds Senior Center hosts a writers’ support group on Friday mornings that is open to all. For details, contact either Crystal Linn (206) 715-2505 or Michelle Burke (452) 774-5555

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