Time for sunset on walkway project | Letter

Aug 21, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

Time to beware Edmonds, the City Council has begun the process of slipping the "Sunset Project" off of the back burner and into the city plan with little fanfare and at the prodding of the public works director.

There are so many infrastructure improvements that are actually needed in the city, that this project shouldn't be on anyone’s radar, and Mr. Williams’ time would be better spent on pursuing those.

Given that the city doesn't own the property, it would be comparable to my installing a driveway or walkway on my neighbor’s side of the property line.

By the way, I've seen it noted that there will be no fences or rails installed to impede the view, but common sense and code indicate that these would be necessary; it's more than three feet to the tracks below.

Let’s not spend millions on another project that we do not need. The round about was over the engineering estimate by 17 percent before construction began, and, in spite of comments to the contrary; grant money is not "free."


Wally Bergquist



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