Thrill of fireworks for experts only | Constant Curmudgeon

By John Pierre | Jul 24, 2014

The Fourth of July is past and gone. With a few exceptions, like driving down to Edmonds beach to watch the experts blow up some fine fireworks, fireworks have become a thing of the past.

Our young people won't ever get the chance to celebrate the birth of America as we did when we were little scudders.

As a matter of fact, there is a move to make fireworks illegal in the entire Snohomish County area. Of course that leaves only the tribes with a corner on the market.

It is truly a shame that the thrill of good fireworks is only a memory, a memory that we of advanced age will miss greatly.

It is true that there was an occasional injury due to fireworks, but it was almost always caused by inebriated adults or unsupervised children.

Safe and sane handling of firecrackers and aerial displays needn't be hazardous.

If it were inherently dangerous, why is it that the "experts" still have all of their fingers and return every year at great expense to create a fireworks display for those of us who have been deprived of the thrill of handling our own?

While we are busy making things illegal, why don't we include Christmas because the occasional Christmas tree catches on fire?

How about making Halloween illegal because some nut tries to pawn off contaminated treats on children?

Life is full of risks. We can't beat 'em all.

Do we want our children to grow up not ever having had the experience of lighting a few "lady fingers" or slightly larger firecrackers?

Shouldn't they be given the opportunity to experience the thrills that we did as children?

So … we sit back and allow municipalities and county elected officials to decide for us. I think the matter should be on the ballot, so we can exercise our American right to guide our own destiny.

Maybe some group or organization, younger and spryer than myself, could start a petition to get this matter addressed on a ballot to end all of this "make it illegal" nonsense.

This is still America, and voters have a right to be heard.


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