Thoughts about the 2017 Edmonds elections | Guest View

By Dave Teitzel | Oct 22, 2017

As I continue to monitor the local campaigns for the Port of Edmonds and City Council, I’m struck with the feeling that our local political discourse mirrors what we are seeing at the national level.

There, we see our two major political parties deeply entrenched in their respective positions with a clear reluctance to give the other side an inch.

Frankly, that’s just not productive.

Locally, the focus of the current political campaigns has been drawn to Harbor Square and our marsh; the battle lines have been drawn. A vote for one or another of the candidates means you are either for or against the environment. There is no middle ground.


Is it possible there is a middle ground that benefits the entire city? I believe so, and I hope Edmonds voters take this into consideration as they determine which candidates will win their votes.

Let me share a long-range vision I have for our marsh, Harbor Square, and the waterfront: In 20 years, Willow Creek daylighting will be complete, the marsh’s ecological health will be far better and salmon will again be using the marsh to feed and mature.

The Harbor Square property will be redeveloped in an environmentally sensitive and aesthetically pleasing way that directly contributes to the improved health of the marsh and consists of appropriately sized, mixed-use buildings accommodating a diverse mix of businesses and residences.

This improvement of the marsh is accomplished by attracting private investors to Harbor Square who will fund a new state-of-the-art stormwater system, as part of any redevelopment projects (rather than using taxpayer money), that dramatically improves the quality of water entering the marsh from Harbor Square.

Many of the residents of the dwelling units at Harbor Square use Sounder heavy rail and/or nearby bus connections to commute to and from work, reducing our collective carbon footprint. These residents and businesses contribute significantly to our tax coffers and help fund the streets, sidewalks and parks we all enjoy. Our reinvigorated marsh and waterfront amenities attract an even larger number of visitors, contributing to our economic vitality.

I firmly believe we can achieve this vision.

However, doing so will require cooperation and collaboration between the Port, City Council and our citizens. If you agree with this vision, please carefully consider which candidates for the Port and for City Council you believe are most likely to work to make that vision a reality. Please study the issues carefully. Don’t be swayed by campaign rhetoric, and be sure to be an informed voter.

And most importantly, please vote!

Dave Teitzel is an Edmonds City Councilmember.

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