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By Brian Soergel | Nov 11, 2016

The Wall Street Journal put it succinctly in a column by Jonathan Haidt and Ravi Iver on Nov. 5: “Nearly half the country … will wake up deeply disappointed on the morning of Nov. 9, and members of the losing side will think that America is doomed.”

How soon will Trump erect the wall? Is he really going to get Mexico to pay for it? Can a person with no political experience actually be the leader of the free world?

Where will he invade first?

There’s much talk of reconciliation – Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, after all – and serving the entire country, not just one political party. Dems might point out that Republicans haven’t shown signs of serving the entire country, as there hasn’t been much (any) bipartisan support of President Obama’s policies.

Serving all may especially take up the thoughts of the majority of those west of the Cascades, who reliably vote Democratic and, of course, voted for Hillary Clinton.

Snohomish County was the same, voting for Clinton over Trump 55 percent to 37 percent.

Westsiders may now understand more of how those to the east of the mountains feel pretty much every election cycle. It’s pretty red over there, and there are plenty of residents who feel west and east don’t meet, and that they should be two separate states.

Now it’s the west side’s turn. I’ve seen plenty of posts on my Facebook page from disgruntled friends and relatives calling for their own territory, Cascadia, consisting of Oregon, Washington and most of British Columbia.

Might I suggest excluding the eastern portions of Washington and Oregon? I’m sure the majority there would not approve.

But none of this really matters today.

Today is for those whose candidate won. So let’s see what Donald Trump can do.

In the spirit of liberal angst, but also in a spirit of reconciliation, here are some thoughts from Edmonds resident Strom Peterson, who this week won a second term with more than 70 percent of the vote as a state representative serving Edmonds in the 21st District, and who serves delicious grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup combos from his Cheesemonger’s Table:

“After a long election season and what seemed an even longer election night, I woke up on Wednesday with a knot in my stomach. I know our country will survive and our Constitution is stronger than one election, but I can't deny there is an element of fear at what's to come.

“However, I am also emboldened by and extremely grateful for the results of my election and so many of my colleagues in Olympia. Instead of succumbing to fear and despair, I will redouble my efforts to protect the most vulnerable: the LGBT kid in high school driven to the brink of suicide by bullies, the single mom who loses her health insurance and ends up homeless because of medical bills, the immigrant family forced deeper into the shadows of exploitation.

“I will continue to fight to protect our environment and face up to the reality of climate change. I will stand up for the progressive values we share, no matter what the national tone might be.”

See you in four years, voters.



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