This little piggy went to market… this little piggy stayed home!

No contribution is too small or too large
By Bette G. Bell | Feb 28, 2013

Is it Spring yet?  I think I smell it in the air, and that makes me think that the Edmonds Museum Garden Market is just around the corner, followed by the Museum’s Summer Market.

Another year of fresh produce from our local farmers, creations from our crafters, good things to eat from our food vendors, and wonderful treasures to be discovered at the White Elephant table, sponsored by the Edmonds Museum.

The volunteer team, working on the White Elephant table, is looking for donations, such as glass, china, clean, working small appliances, sporting items, jewelry, silver and brass items and anything else that are in good condition and need to find a new home.

We cannot handle clothing or furniture.  This is recycling under the best conditions.

The White Elephant table is a stop at the market that so many folks enjoy, sometimes just to look, and other times to buy.

There are always treasures to be found.  You just have to take the time to look.

The proceeds from this booth all go to the museum, and are used to provide community outreach programs such as the market, the Halloween Haunted Museum, the Christmas program, the 4th of July Parade float, Art Walk Thursdays, school visits, and the annual museum dinner.

We are not your old fashioned, stuffy museum, and all the people working at the White Elephant table are volunteers.

Interested in volunteering?  Give the Museum a call at 425-774-0900 and let them know you would like to work a Saturday or two at the market, mornings or afternoons.

Some of our volunteers work almost every Saturday, and look forward to it each week.

In the mean time, clean out a cabinet or two, those boxes you have never unpacked in the garage, or that sports equipment you have not used in a year or two, and bring it down to the museum.

If you have a lot, call the museum and arrangements will be made for a pick up.  We need your good stuff, old or new to keep the sale tables full each Saturday.

No contribution is too small or too large, in reference to the number of items you are offering.

If you are interested in volunteering, you will find a delightful group of Edmonds residents, who are friendly and outgoing.  We do have fun at the market!

Docents are always in demand also, as we want to keep our museum open as many days and hours as possible.  This is another avenue available for volunteers; we just need a few hours a month.

There is no better way to get to know people in your community then volunteering, in worthwhile projects.

This approach allows you to meet people, it gives you enough time to get to know each other, and the “icing on the cake” is helping your community be a good place to live.

This little piggy is going to market as soon as it opens... see you there!



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